A Homecoming: Celebrate 200 Years!

Support Mississippi's "Green Mardi Gras!"

A Homecoming: Celebrate 200 Years! image

Support Mississippi's "Green Mardi Gras!"

You know something’s become more than just an event when an entire culture springs up around it.

In person, in public in March 2022! Central Mississippi’s annual celebration of Spring has been described as a “green Mardi Gras” and as a “lighthearted homecoming where everyone is king-and-queen-for a-day.” It is also a celebration of the rebirth of Mississippi’s capital city, a joyous observance of what is “good and encouraging” about the heart of our state. It is a day where sense of humor and sense of place rule the day. It is a time to honor the good work of the UMC’s Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children. This rambling, outrageous, hilarious ride, starting and ending at Jackson’s favorite gathering place—Hal & Mal’s—is now forever known as “Hal’s St. Paddy’s Parade” in honor of Hal White.

The parade gives people an opportunity to express themselves in ways they can’t otherwise, and over the years, folks have taken advantage of it in outlandish, creative and wonderful ways. And now there's a charitable way to express yourself, too!

In 2019, the parade partnered with the Community Foundation for Mississippi to create a charitable fund that supports the parade, activities and events. Your contribution to the fund helps support the parade and its expenses to ensure this celebration of Spring can continue forever.

Join us now!