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Reporting Solutions Across Divides

Support our award winning, deep public-interest reporting into causes of and solutions to the social, political and structural challenges and inequities facing all Mississippians and their communities.

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A Free Press for All of Mississippi

MFP’s Mission: Reporting Solutions Beyond Partisanship and Across Divides

The mission of the Mississippi Free Press, a nonprofit statewide news organization that launched in March 2020, is to publish deep public-interest reporting into causes of and solutions to the social, political, and structural challenges and inequities facing all Mississippians and their communities.

Mississippians need to know each other across regions and share our challenges and solutions despite geographic and other differences. We are introducing Mississippians to each other through our deep accountability reporting and compelling people-focused storytelling, especially in key focus areas—including higher and public education, criminal justice and violence prevention, water and infrastructure, environmental racism, transparency and corruption, voting access, and more. For community input, we convene online and physical “solutions circles,” using our statewide networks to ensure inclusivity and representation.

The MFP is also popular with those who live outside Mississippi, whether they’re from here or not. We draw reader and donor thank-yous for our embedded history and context and, to date, more than 120 media outlets, including the most-respected in the U.S., have featured or written about our work. Since our March 2020 launch, MFP journalism has brought demonstrable impact and community change, and continual national media coverage of our work. (See our Impact, Awards and Media page here.)

MFP’s Objectives and Core Beliefs

1. MFP is a statewide multimedia journalism outlet focused on systemic causes, legacies, solutions and outcomes, not just traditional “problem journalism” or red-vs.-blue, horse-race reporting.

2. We seek to create and sustain the most intentionally diverse and inclusive statewide media outlet in Mississippi from top to bottom, in our journalism and our team, and among our network of readers and sources.

3. We engage Mississippians civically and listen to them deeply through direct engagement and dialogue circles rather than panel discussions driven by journalists and the powerful.

4. We believe data and facts, historic and current, hold the powerful accountable.

5. We are dedicated to narrative change, equity across Mississippi, and racial healing by embedding historic context and causes on the road to reporting workable solutions.

More About MFP and Our Impact

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Above photo: Oak Grove High School students walked out of class and marched outside the administration building in August 2020 in protest of what they described as a culture of frequent racist incidents involving teachers and fellow students. Story and photo by Ashton Pittman

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