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Diverse. Responsive. Dynamic. Compelling.​ Accurate. Local

Help young storytellers as they practice solutions journalism to create narrative change.

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The Mississippi Youth Media Project (YMP) develops leadership and workplace skills in young people by bringing a diverse group of teenagers together in their own dynamic newsroom in downtown Jackson to produce and publish their own stories in a compelling narrative style. They learn to use rigorous multimedia journalism to report on other young people, their own communities, and the causes of problems and potential equity-based solutions to inspire their audience and larger community to take meaningful action. They publish all their work at jxnpulse.com.

The goals of YMP are to:

  1. Create a more accurate and healthier narrative about young people in Jackson and their families
  2. Equip and teach young people to use rigorous, narrative journalism to identify and report disparities, causes and solutions in their communities
  3. Deepen commitment to young people through racial healing, equity and inclusion through story and public events
  4. Be a model for other media to produce more accurate coverage of young people rather than distorted, biased depictions
  5. Expand YMP’s role in creating an academic and emotional support system that helps reduce school dropouts and increase youth engagement
  6. Assess and align opportunities that provide innovative, culturally relevant workplace-skills and technology training to more effectively prepare students for college and career opportunities
  7. Continue convening and leading community dialogues about potential solutions to youth violence and other urgent local issues

YMP students learn career technical skills in arts, audio/video technology, and communications. YMP highlights careers in those fields as a tool to engage students in hands-on experiences to develop professional, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills, including critical thinking, decision-making, collaboration, project management and completion, effective communication, and problem solving.


About the project: www.youthmediaproject.com

Student journalism: www.jxnpulse.com