Friends of the Planetarium CrowdFunding Campaign

March 1, 2020 @ 12:00AM — September 30, 2020 @ 11:30PM

A Next-Level Space Journey Awaits

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Join Us in Our Journey

Ticket Details
Mercury Package

5 Limited-Release Planetarium postcards

Gemini Package

Limited-Release Planetarium tote + 5 postcards

Apollo Package

Limited-Release Planetarium T-Shirt + 3 buttons + tote + 5 postcards

Skylab Package

Limited-Release Planetarium hat + t-shirt + 3 buttons + tote + 5 postcards

ISS Package

Limited-Release Planetarium Mug + hat, t-shirt, 3 buttons, tote, and 5 postcards

Artemis Package
128 tickets left!

Planetarium Theatre Seat Naming. Limited-Release Mug, Hat, t-shirt, 3 buttons, tote + 5 postcards


The Friends of the Planetarium are thrilled to launch its fundraising efforts with this campaign, driven by and funded by the public. We are committed to incorporate the voice and support of the public, as they have been so remarkable supportive of our facility for over 40 years. While the City of Jackson works with its partners to get the building renovated and addition built, we need your help funding the exhibition build-out – the “fun stuff.” We have developed a line of limited-edition merchandise that evokes the nostalgia felt by many who have been to the Planetarium, while using a fresh aesthetic that engages our new friends and future visitors. This campaign is the only time you will be able to purchase these items. We wanted to provide a range of affordable levels that allow everyone to be a part of this remarkable project. Each donor’s name will be acknowledged in the renovated Planetarium. Find the package that best fits you and help us reach our goal.